Easy access to various Salesforce APIs.

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Salesforce Magic

While dealing with Salesforce I realized that there aren't any decent libraries that can communicate using the various APIs. This library is intended to be a simple, solid, and small library that encompasses and provides access to the SOAP, REST and Bulk API's for Salesforce. The magic lies in the library's ability to dynamically generate SOQL queries based on generic types and also the dynamic generation of the SOAP wsdl. You will never have to replace or update a wsdl again.


Nuget => PM> Install-Package SalesforceMagic


Currently Implemented Features

  • Dynamic SOQL query generation based on generic type interpretation
  • Expression and predicate visitation allowing users to create both simple and complicated where conditions using powerful lambda expressions.
  • SOAP Login and Session ID Retrieval
  • SOAP Query based on generic types.
  • Re-implementable storage for reusing session details.